Residency Program

李明潔 Ming-Chieh Lee

李明潔 Ming-Chieh Lee

駐村日期:2018/07/31 - 2018/09/20
Performance Art

From Taipei, Taiwan Taipei National University of the Arts, Department of Dance Graduate program, major in Choreography , Artistic Director at PITA Production.

Choreography for street dance company, musical dance and contemporary dance art. Creation is usually made to deconstruct the current life, exploring human beings’ body culture through interdisciplinary collaborations. Music plays an important role in choreography. There is no direct narrative storyline in dance pieces but truly expressing our real feeling existing in our body experiences.

In 2018,  Ming-Chieh was selected as the residency artist of Bamboo Curtain Studio International Residency Exchange Program collaborating with Mite-Ugro in Korea for two months.


Collaborative Organization



Works in residency

Project: Body scan

This project is about how we use our bodies to be the medium for Performing Art. Through practical observation and experience in local life, Ming-Chieh Lee plans to definite the terms used in the modern dance, such as daily, physical, real, state and action about people and the body.

This project mainly takes the local’s daily posture as the theme. From the daily activities, Ming-Chieh Lee try to find how the inner part of the body start the movement, the intention and the body condition that develop into movement. Through exploring different culture, she is trying to find out that could those body movements become dance terms.

Ming-Chieh Lee tries to use her own body experience to create and explain the physical state with the local cultural knowledge. She hopes to observe and capture the locals’ daily body posture and also have cultural exchange with the locals. She hopes to create “story” in her work through knowing the specialties of local culture and daily body posture. So she would arrange and combine the locals’ body posture visually, then mark them into the “story” to show the real to the audience.

Ming-Chieh Lee will use her own experience to take apart the movement and take some of them to further develop. She would invite the local to join the dancing performance in a workshop in order to record the image. At the end, the audience could discover how their own body connect with the work and how their bodies work in the daily life, and we can compare and realize the fake and real body through the physical performance.

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