Residency Program

Hang Li

Hang Li

駐村日期:2018/10/15 - 2018/11/12
Hong Kong

Hang Li is the co-founder of Sandwishes Studio. Graduated from the Hong Kong Art Centre and the Master Degree of Interdisciplinary Art in National Taipei University of the Arts. During the study period, Hang Li cooperate with Disadvantaged people of Happy Mount  in New Taipei City,  which develop some experiment in about art engaged in social issues. Later, he formed Sandwishes Studio with Jolin Hsieh and Aggie Tseng, and cooperate with government, enterprises, NGOs and experts in various fields to develop different Art and Design projects, which mainly related to how social weakness could develop the chance pf social engagement . In 2018, Hang Li is reccommended by Bamboo Curtain Studio in collaboration with Halland Art Museum / Art in Halland, staying in Sweden from 15th of Oct. to 12th of Nov. 

Works in residency

Residency Project : 

This residency program in HALMSTAD, Sweden will include interaction with local Halmstad University teachers and students, FABLAB Halmstad members and local artists, and the sharing is about the projects of Sandwishes Studio about how arts engaged in public welfare issues, and discuss with the local FABLAB members to develop some projects for local people or students. Also artist will visit the local public spaces and children's playgrounds related to inclusiveness and public interest issues, and the interdisciplinary cooperation in the local context.

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