Residency Program

Taiyo Tono

Taiyo Tono

駐村日期:2018/10/01 - 2018/10/31

TaiyoTono was born in Osaka city in Japan. Currently lives and works in Osaka. Taiyo has its own production process. Introduction Make some models. And constitutes the model and develops it into paintings. The three-dimensional model shows what I feel at that time. By making a model, I can draw a picture with reality that I can not express with imagination alone.

I would like to research environment, city, person, culture of Taiwan. Especially, I am interested in the colors and shapes. I will pick up ones. I make many models, drawings, paintings from that fieldworks. I would like to do the open studio in your residence. As presentation for action in Taiwan. Back to Japan, I show there activities and the works on my webpage.

Taiyo has other works on the Internet only. It is a mashup series. This is a work that draws pictures from the sun patrons, friends, acquaintances, etc. and draws paintings by combining them. In BCS, I get pictures from Taiwanese people and draw works in combination with the pictures we got in Japan.

Solo Exhibition

2017 Lo-fi / f r i e d r i c e (mishmash) / Paintings, Gallery Ami-Kanoko, Osaka
2016 Imitation Galaxy, Gallery Ami-Kanoko, Osaka
2015 e.g.g.o0048 TaiyoTono Sticking space, Taigado, Kyoto
2014 Passion!, SoHo Art Gallery, Osaka
Group Exhibition
2017 Next Art, Matsuya Ginza, Tokyo
2015 TRANSNATIONAL ART 2015, Enokojima Art Culture and Creative Center, Osaka

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