Residency Program



駐村日期:2019/05/01 - 2019/06/30

CC (Issay Rodriguez & Anjo Bolarda) is a gesture rather than a name to identify a group or a collective. It began as a gesture to rethink the idea of collaboration amidst community driven engagement. CC is an extension of one’s own art practice, a platform to expand and explore possibilities by contributing , or complementing each one’s strengths and weaknesses to come up with projects one can not simply do alone.

Anjo Bolarda is an artist, a graphic designer, illustrator, muralist and a cultural worker whose works has been exhibited in several local and international venues. His practice originates from experiences and observations of the everyday: beliefs, myths, stories, food, habits, etc. He translates these into his own works through paintings, objects, installation, video, events and performances.

Rodriguez’s portfolio of artworks includes installation, drawing, prints, objects, and video that allude to multiple tactile histories. The heart of her work lies in connecting gaps and fragments of memories, places, and identities. Her projects allow her to think about image and object production amidst the daily dose of technology mixed with post-modern.

CC is selected by "BCS 2019 Creative Talents Program", staying at Bamboo Curtain Studio for 2 month since the 1th of May.

Works in residency

What could one cook for the table, if one could harvest none?

B+ Climate change threatens food security and rural communities around the globe. Although the world is producing more than enough food, some families do not have enough food on the table due to many complex issues governing the production and distribution of food. Stable and secure food supply from agricultural production is necessary for the stability of a nation.
Bees form an important role in these cycles of production. Without them on the face of the earth, man would only have four years to live as Albert Einstein once predicted. 100000+ plant species would be lost without them, a huge detriment for agricultural countries too like Taiwan and the Philippines.
Inadvertently, artists could function as worker bees, as pollinators of possibilities, artspaces and cultural institutions as flora..and the future as the unseen fruit of multiple collaborations.
CC began as a gesture to rethink the idea of collaboration amidst community-driven engagement. Through e orts outside of our individual art practices, we aim to expand and explore possibilities by contributing, combining, or complimenting each one’s strengths and weaknesses to come up with projects one cannot simply do alone.

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