Residency Program

Pei Hsuan Wu

Pei Hsuan Wu

駐村日期:2020/09/21 - 2020/11/20

Pei-Hsuan Wu, Texture Printmaking Studio founder, The Graphic Art Society of The Republic of China member, Da Shu junior high school student club teacher.
Printmaking is my main medium while I pick up the expertise in intaglio and lithography. My artworks tell the story of the contradiction of mental and physical states, the repetition and complexity of printmaking, and how the printing process has affected me.

Being human, living, breathing in this world, we always remember some special moments and images that we can't help ruminate over and over and call memories. However, memories has this unique quality which is that it fades as time passes. Our feelings, pictures we remembered and everything happened at that very moment would simply lose their structures and turn into something like a blurry fog. Memories are still profound but at the same time not realistic anymore. Therefore, I started to preserve these moments via photography and found it unable to accurately capture the feelings. However, on the other hand, through the complex printmaking process, the moments captured could be consistently remade and the authenticity of memories could then be tested with multiple tries. During the process, we might lose or amplify some emotions which is the same as those actual prints, visible yet blurry as well. I, hence, indulge myself in the it, a loop of memories.

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