Residency Program

Claude Aymon

Claude Aymon

駐村日期:2012/09/10 - 2012/10/01
Performing Art

Born in Marseilles in Southern France, Claude Aymon’s family emigrated from South America’s ancient French colony Guiana (Guyana). Claude Aymon learned the foundations of ballet from Eve Gonnet and Tessa Beaumont of the Paris Opera. He learned jazz dance from renowned European and American choreographers such as Milton Myers (New York), Ramon Oller (Spain), Patrice Valero, Anne-Marie Porras, and Gigi Cacciuleanu (France), among others. Though his main interests are in dancing, Claude Aymon is also an actor and musical performer. He often tours with the group dance company C2a, performing around Europe and the United States. In 2011, he came to Taiwan to participate with the Zuoying High School and World Dance Alliance organized by the International Youth Dance Program. In 2012, he was chosen to participate in Bamboo Curtain Studio’s new Artist-in-Residency program.


Morw About Claude Aymon:

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