Bamboo Curtain Studio’s Newest Additions: Interns from Guatemala

Studio News

Bamboo Curtain Studio continues to accept interns from different areas and fields in a long-term and nation-wide cooperation with various institutions. In collaboration with the Taipei National University of the Arts International Master of Fine Arts Program in Cultural and Creative Industries, two interns from Guatemala join the cultural studies and international exchange workforce this September!

Astrid Mendoza

I am from a country located in Central America “Guatemala” which means “Land of trees” undoubtedly for its beautiful landscapes and geography. One year ago I decided to leave this beautiful country to study in Taiwan an International Master of Arts Program in Cultural Creative Industries at the Taipei National University of the Arts. I came this far because in my prior experience as an Industrial Designer I had the opportunity to work with SMEs that produced goods using traditional artistic techniques and / or provide services within the cultural industry. During that period I realized that these groups had great potential to place their products locally and internationally but many difficulties when it comes to make their business more attractive and enter into the market, a fact that drove me to come here searching for references to improve this situation and therefore contribute to the country’s economy as well as the strengthening of cultural identity in Guatemala.  Likewise, through this year of staying I have known several projects and institutions that have expanded my aspirations from the purposes that brought me to Taiwan, being one of them Bamboo Curtain Studio, a wonderful team that is now giving me the opportunity to learn in a daily basis and specific projects how Artist Residencies operate, so that in the future I can propose new ideas for the existing venues for Guatemalan artistic and creative community that may improve all the conditions needed for them to meet, discuss and look for project consultancy, further I aim to provide the Guatemalan people the opportunity to come in contact with these works and their creators.

Julio Areck Chang

I am a 3rd generation overseas Chinese. My grandfather was a Cantonese and my father, although born in Guatemala, was raised in China, so I grew up in a somewhat Chinese environment. Being middle class, I am used to work hard to achieve my goals. Because of my high grades in school, I won a half scholarship to study at University, and so got a bachelor's degree in graphic design in 1997. In that year, I started working on my own as a graphic designer, and later also working as a professor for undergraduate students at two universities in Guatemala City. Because of my good performance, I won another scholarship to pursue a Master's degree in University Teaching, graduating in 2009. Meanwhile, I studied English, French, Italian and some German and Latin, currently learning Mandarin. In 2011 I earned a Taiwan ICDF Scholarship for pursuing another Master’s Degree, now in Cultural and Creative Industries at the Taipei National University of the Arts. While enjoying this interesting program in Taiwan, I keep doing graphic design for some of my clients in Guatemala.

I am used to engage in projects that involve decision-making, problem solving, analysis and teamwork. I like culture in all its expressions, and that's why I'm quite sure I will have an enlightening experience at Bamboo Curtain Studio.

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