Message in a Bottle

Environments Art

Message in a Bottle
Text + illustration: Stephanie Cheung Tao translation: Awen
Copyediting: Valerie C. Doran Proofreading: Ada Li, Helen Fan

English edition: July 2018 ISBN 978-986-92680-2-8

Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International 授 權 條 款 授 權

Message in a Bottle
Photo/text installation + illustrated book
Lanyu (Orchid Island) is an island off the east coast of Taiwan. Before the 20th century, indigenous residents of the Tao tribe lived an isolated and independent life. When modern development hits its shore, the island gains new economic opportunities and everyday conveniences, but its traditions and environment are also severely challenged. As an alarming amount of solid waste piled up on the island, indigenous resident Awen, together with a team of volunteers, took initiated to embark on a series of cleaning, recycling and education projects. Message in a Bottle is an illustrated book about their story. It reflects on sustainable development, and aims to raise funds for Awen's continuous endeavours. 


Stephanie Cheung (Hong Kong)

Stephanie Cheung is Lead Curator of Make A Difference Institute in Hong Kong. She curates process-oriented and participatory art projects in communities and public space, and works primarily with text as a creative medium. She sees art as an arena for exploring better ways to inhabit the world. In 2015, she went to Orchid Island (Lanyu), off the east coast of Taiwan, with support from the Angela Gill Memorial Award and Bamboo Curtain Studio. There she befriended indigenous resident Awen and his volunteers, who were taking the initiative to tackle excessive solid waste on the island. Their encounter grew into Message in a Bottle, a picture book reflecting on sustainable development. The book also aims to promote Awen's cause and raise funds for his continuous endeavours. She also received an Asia Cultural Council fellowship for a residency in the United States in 2016.

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