Residency Program

Helmi Hardian & Debrina Tedjawidjja

Helmi Hardian & Debrina Tedjawidjja

駐村日期:2014/02/07 - 2014/02/10

Visual Arts | Indonesia

Helmi Hardian and Debrina Tedja are part of Waft Lab and created H/A/D (stands for Hack and Destroy) as collaboration initiatives. Both of them has different background, Helmi got his artistic taste by majoring fine arts in Jakarta Art Institute, while Debrina having love for writing since majoring communication studies in Airlangga University. They focus to develop No:Work (National Observation Work) Division and playing their role to researching and developing material for some workshop, lecturing, and presentation. Though they have different perspective and interest, one thing makes this collaboration work. They lived and grow in Surabaya, a city with no public universities focusing on fine art/performing art/ etc. On the other hand, this city is known for its technology university and become one of the biggest industrial and electronic component markets in Indonesia. It therefore their work is influenced by and related to technology development. Because they believe technology is part of daily life and way of life to deal with challenges. They see many people who deal with their limitations and manipulated technology - all of these things was inspired and influenced them. Their mission is spreading the spirit of Do It Yourself and Do It With Others, cultivate inspiration and creativity in field of Art, science, and technology. Most of No: Work material emphasis in development of relevant skill and admitted technology in positive way.

Helmi Hardian & Debrina Tedjawidjja was invited to "MITTing: Art and Cultural Network Forum", the forum Organized by Open-Contemporary Art Center (OCAC), jiandyin (Jiradej and Pornpilai Meemalai)Co-organized by JUT Foundation for Arts and Architecture, Bamboo Curtain Studio.

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