Residency Program



駐村日期:2002/11/01 - 2002/11/30
Mixed Art

“Sugar Table” Communication III

After arriving in Taiwan I became aware of its history of sugar production. I also realized its connection with Japanese colonial occupation which raised some emotions in me. Sugar tastes sweet but I understood its history wasn’t sweet. By knowing that history I felt more emotion in using sugar and decided to use sugar in Taiwan as the material for expressing some Asian anxieties.

Using a mold to cast sugar I made a low dinner table with tea cups, dishes and bowls that looked like a traditional Asian table set for family dinner. Each utensil was made from sugar and placed on the molded sugar table top. I remembered that when I was a girl in Japan an idealistic image of the family always showed them around a dinner table, sharing food and conversation. When I presented the sugar table installation I intended that the audience would complete the work by pouring liquid into the sugar cups. The process of liquid melting the installation would be a metaphor for the pressures of the changing world, such as modernization and globalization, affecting the ideals of family. I thought that I would use only Coca –cola as my liquid, this being a symbol of  pressure which came from the West, but I thought more and decided to also use tea, for its strong association with the East. This because even though using traditional things, no matter what, each new generation brought change.

Collaborative Organization

Taipei Artist Village(台北國際藝術村)

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