Residency Program

Chang, Ya-Ping

Chang, Ya-Ping

駐村日期:2016/07/03 - 2016/07/30
Installation Art

In 2004, Chang, Ya-Ping graduated from Visual Communication Design of Chaoyang University of Technology. Selected as the residency artist at The Stock 20 Taichung Railway Art Village in 2007. In 2008, she took part in SLY art space until now. 2013, she graduated from the Master of Fine Arts Department of Taipei National University of Arts, currently studying Applied Arts in National Chiao Tung University. Her main creation is mixed media devices and space installation. The majority of her creative works are mixed media and installations that focus on the inherit operation and conflicts within the social structures and the inner dialogs between a person and the living environment. to respond to stories under the frame of history context.

Chang Ya-Ping is the selected artist of Bamboo Curtain Studio“2016 International Artist Exchange Program”.  She will stay at Kanazawa Art Port, Japan from 16th June to 7th July.

Collaborative Organization

Kanazawa Art Port
新樂園藝術空間 Shin Leh Yuan Art Space

Works in residency

2010 《記號2 實驗創作》


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