Residency Program

Gatari Surya Kusuma

Gatari Surya Kusuma

駐村日期:2016/08/01 - 2016/09/30
Curating/ Research/ Critics

She just graduated from Indonesian Institute of Art, majored in Photography. She is also part of working team in KUNCI Cultural Studies Center and MES 56. She is interested on how visual can works in social research and food as a part of the social issues. She believes that food can be not only as a food. Food can be a door to open the bigger issues. Gatari Surya Kusumar is invited to be Bamboo Curtain Studio International Residency Exchange Program artist collaborating with Bumu Pemuda Rahayu in Indonesia. She will stay at Bamboo Curtain Studio for two month since 1st of August. 


BAKUDAPAN is a study group that discuss ideas on food. In Indonesia itself studies on food has not yet be a discussion. Even so, we believe that food cannot be only about cooking and history, conservation and introduce it to the world. Food can be also an instrument to speak about broader issues, such as politics, social, art, and culture. As a study group we were open for those who would like to join with our projects and activities, despite their backgrounds. Our member itself has diverse backgrounds; photographer, researcher, college student, merchandiser, and an artist. For instance, in order to run each project, we also possess diverse methods depends on each interest. Basically, our project start could be identified as a research project. However, we were trying to experiment with multidisciplinary practice to execute it. Our first project “Fast and Foodrious”, we began by held several discussion and reading group, but we also had exhibition, performance and workshop, as part of our approaches to gather data. For example, we held a “performative dinner” where it represent our preliminary findings from our research process. In the end of every projects, we will make a journal to sum up our entire process and result.

Collaborative Organization

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