Residency Program

Suthidee Piyayothin (Best)

Suthidee Piyayothin (Best)

Community Art

Suthidee Piyayothin or Best, She selected by Bamboo curtain studio in“Creative Talents Program”, Her duration is two months since 4th May to 30th June 2017.

Prior, she was interned at Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, Missouri, United States on Research and Development, Education and Engagement, as well as Public programs position. Best is graduated from Chulalongkorn University in Art and Education, and Master degree from Goldsmiths University of London in Artist Teacher and Contemporary Practice. Her position is now on-going in between interdisciplinary artist, educator and researcher. Best tried to shape her artwork that she began her practice with drawing portrait and watercolors painting, installation with conceptual idea. Recently, she develops her research-practice to social engage art or participatory art.

Best enjoys to engage her artwork interact with people, because she loves to make fun with her messy ideas. In the same way, she thinks behind her artwork that it should be educative tool; art can drive people to play and learn with her art, also challenge people thinking.

Works in residency

"What is contemporary art" performing on 2017 May 19th, Taipei Art Village.

Basically, the project inspired by my essay which I have done in Master degree, most of idea about transformative education and I link the idea with participatory art to interact people who is learners. My project can called art community and participatory art in the same time. The focused is about critical thinking, asking question, sharing the experiences and learning together with using simply method and materials.

First activity, I run in Art Management workshop, my question is 'What is (contemporary) Art?'

Second Activity, I have done in architecture graduation exhibition of National Cheng Kuang University, I interact with audiences with question about contemporary art, sustainable design in architecture.

The last project which supported by Nature More organisation I designed this activity with food and gathering people together with embarrassing dining table.

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