Residency Program

洪芷寧 HONG Tze-Ning

洪芷寧 HONG Tze-Ning

駐村日期:2017/09/07 - 2017/12/03
Curating/ Research/ Critics

Based in Taipei, Tze-ning experienced and learned from arts programs, independent publications, and local engagements in various ways and places. While the main focus is on the encounter between individuals from differ background and their visual experiences, via arts and cultural practices.

From Fine Arts Dep., major in graphic design, later turned to arts managements, due to curious the boundary and field of self-print publications, it became the topic of thesis in 2014. She joined Bamboo Curtain Studio from 2015 to 2016, as a member to transfer and coordinate between artists, local professional partners and residents, Interns and partners in each season. In 2016 BCS Uaan Thiap project, Tze-ning joined the team and shared publications and local editors' idea from Taiwan to Bangkok and Jogja, Bali and Jakarta, aiming to figure out the similarity or contract of living could be.

Starts from 2016, she began “Starts from Art Class Memories Project”, continuing this project with interviews, visiting, and collaborations. While 2016 autumn, she participated in a group exhibition "A Conditioned Game", interviewing 5 local partners about their art class memories. Now continuing interviewing, and work with different communities as having lectures in aged care center or discussion around the topic.

In 2017, Tze-ning was invited by the working and research residency program in Jan Van Eyck Academic, Netherland, curator Yasmine Ostendorf and join work team in "the Jac. P. Thijsse Lab", meanwhile do interview toward environmental arts topic linked to Bamboo Curtain Studio, and link to her arts edu research.

Collaborative Organization

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