Residency Program

李德茂 Te-Mao Lee

李德茂 Te-Mao Lee

駐村日期:2017/04/29 - 2017/05/07
New Media

李德茂 (Te-Mao Lee),1973年生於台灣台中,現居花蓮。畢業於淡江大學物理系及中山大學哲學研究所。多年從事網路資資料庫工程師,並長期關注當代藝術生態,於2016年成立北角工作室。2015年起進行錄像創作計畫,作品首次發表於竹圍工作室舉辦「李德茂個展」。


Works in residency

2017<Te-Mao Lee Solo Exhibition>

This exhibition is my video art project in 2016-2017. It will present my intuition and thinking about the video, and the key transformation in the works. The basic properties of the video are explored, such as the spatial extent of the visible range of the lens, temporality of the video, the transformation of the lens object in the digital image and so on, the essence questions of video are tried to touch more deeply.

These artworks explore the clean video language through two main directions, one of the "low load": remove the issue, the ideology, metaphor, narrative, device technology and functionality, artworks with subtraction to form the images, to condense the tension in its alleged viewpoint in the purely images; Second, "remove meaning": through the perspective and light of the lens to weaken the usual meaning of the photographic subjects, such as seawater, light and rail track, they all are the concept of their noun in the video, rather than the assigned meaning or interpretation Object.

One of the artworks in this exhibition (Pay tribute to Andreas Gursky) is selected by YICCA Art contest - International competition for artists. It selected 18 artists from about 700 artworks. The exhibition will be held at the Rooster gallery in Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania.

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