Residency Program

Cut And Rescue

Cut And Rescue

駐村日期:2018/09/01 - 2018/10/31
Community Art

Cut and Rescue is a Jakarta based art collective, it has no boundaries in the case of sharing, researching, developing and working the ideas. Cut and Rescue works across mediums, from a collage of images and text, sound and video pieces, as well as experimental and performative action. The name of the group that can be simply defined as a cut and save, Cut and Rescue retrieve, copy, and save cultural artifacts intertwined around the community, which had been considered banal and low, such as newspapers headlines. In 2013 they participated in Pelicin Exhibition at Gelari Salihara as part of Jakarta Biennale - SIASAT. In 2014 they held solo exhibition “Kesedihan” curated by Iswanto Hartono. As individuals, each of its members also participates in various exhibitions, both in national and international level.


Collaborative Organization

Works in residency

" Fusion Olympics "

As we found some of local/traditional sports being adapted by international multi-sports event such as the Olympic Games, it cemented our notion that people have started to get bored with modern sports. We’d like to defy the convention in sports to be negotiated and combined with other local sports and games. Game is a mode of communication through competition and teamwork, also how to find a shared way to achieve mutual goal.

We will conduct a research about traditional games that have been popular to be upgraded and negotiated together with all folks from different ages and backgrounds. The game system, rules, fields, costume and tools are some of the matters to be discussed. Supporting tools such as basketball ring, net, goal (footbal), ball, etc will be using recycled or found object.

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