Residency Program

Sunhee Lee

Sunhee Lee

駐村日期:2018/09/02 - 2018/10/31
Visual Art

Sunhee Lee was born in 1984, now lives and works in Korea. 2007 she graduated from sculpture, Collage of Arts, Chungnam National University (B.F.A), and in 2011 got the Master degree of Sculpture, Graduate School of Arts, Kookmin University (M.F.A). Her solo exhibitions included 2014 So many ways to begin, Gyeonggi Creation center, Ansan ; 2016 The way to see the sky in my life, Arthall GONG, Seoul ; 2017 Thought from the past for the days to live, Banjul chalet, Seoul. She had been to Daegu Art Factory, Artist Residency TEMI, Clayarch gimhae museum Residence, Gyeonggi Creation Center, and Cheong-ju Art Stoudio as an residency artist. In 2018, Sunhee is recommended by Mite-Ugro, and invited by Bamboo Curtain Studio as an exchange residency artist of "2018 International Residency Exchange Program" to stay in BCS for 2 months from September to November. 


Collaborative Organization

Works in residency

Statement (2017):

I am focusing on the work of positive aspects of the emotions. Sometimes I encourage myself directly, or sometimes I braced myself about mind and attitude of life, all of these works are based on the mind that pledges myself to ‘live well’

As time goes by, one question popped up in my mind. ‘How I live well?’ The more I thought about the values of life, the more I felt my future desires that I wished to be brilliant seemed to be gray, even sometimes it felt like I kept crossing the boundary that I made myself.

Today is the time to find ‘balance’ of past lives and changing lives. I am willing to live a life that does not concentrate on one side without being shifted to one side. Even though I am not mature to define ‘living’, I wish to find a self restraint and stability between gray and glamorous. What I want is these process and moments become a gateway to a better future.


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