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September 27,2012


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  Artist in Residency

Exhibition: AIR- Artist in Residency In BCS

The founder and director of the Bamboo Curtain Studio, Margaret Shiu, discovered her true professional calling in arts while she was in residency. If you want to give it a try but don’t know where to start, we encourage you to visit the exhibition—AIR, the journey of Artists’ mind.


Bamboo Curtain Studio’s “2013 Creative Talents” Program Open Call until 10.31

Bamboo Curtain Studio’s “2013 Creative Talents” Program mainly focuses on creative talents’ projects that are capable of bringing innovative ideas and concepts to the community, society, and the world.


Ambiguous Being: Who is Afraid of Identity? | 9.29 19:30

“Ambiguous Being” is co-organized by three curators Cai Jiazhen (Taipei), Anett Vietzke (Berlin), and Sally Haftel (Tel Aviv). The concept of the exhibition is based on a video image library, and presents works from Taipei, Berlin, and Tel Aviv.


Claude Aymon’s Public Workshop Results | 9.23 17:00

Claude hopes for students to understand his creation and ideas of dance through direct interaction and exchange with Taiwanese dancers. After a workshop with Dancecology, an eco-dance group,  a summary of the workshop will be performed publicly from 5pm to 7pm on Sunday, September 23rd at Taipei National University of Arts Department of Drama’s Ecology Hall Rehearsal Room.

  Charles Landry

British Consultant Visits Taipei to Speak About the Creative City | 10.15 19:00

“What is Taipei’s wicked Problem?” British creative city consultant Charles Landry continually asked this question when he first arrived in Taiwan. Taipei invited him specifically to see the city and find its creative points, assess its creative energy, and devise a creative city development strategy and plan for Taipei.


Adam Avikainen’s Stunning Works Presented at the Taipei Biennial

During his Artist-in-Residency at Bamboo Curtain Studio over the past three months, Adam Avikainen has been collecting plants around the studio, crushing their leaves and juices into pigment, and painting the mashed materials onto the fabric layer by layer. His works in the Taipei Biennial will be exhibited as a transformed edition of “Ginger Glacier,” presenting different views of our future world.


Bamboo Curtain Studio’s Newest Additions: Interns from Guatemala

Bamboo Curtain Studio continues to accept interns from different areas and fields in a long-term and nation-wide cooperation with various institutions. In collaboration with the Taipei National University of the Arts International Master of Fine Arts Program in Cultural and Creative Industries, two interns from Guatemala join the cultural studies and international exchange workforce this September!


Plum Tree Creek Environmental Art Action

Plum Tree Creek was once an important daily source of water for residents in the Zhuwei area. As a result of urban development, people have turned a blind eye to this seemingly unfamiliar creek.


An Junshi



Visual Arts | Taiwan
Creative Concept: “In fact, the deepest feeling people can have is with the land, as well as how to communicate with yourself and how to live. I am really living, my culture.”


Ting, Chaong Wen



Visual Arts, Installation | Taiwan
In 2012, he was selected for Bamboo Curtain Studio’s new Artist-in-Residency program


Claude Aymon



Performing Arts| France
He often tours with the group dance company C2a, performing around Europe and the United States. In 2012, he was chosen to participate in Bamboo Curtain Studio’s new Artist-in-Residency program.



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