Residency Program

Creative Talents Program

June 8,2011

In Art We Trust is the theme chosen to celebrate Bamboo Curtain Studio’s 25th anniversary. We trust because we believe in art. Here we would like to invite artists in all fields, be it visual art, performing art, interdisciplinary art, sound art, or bio art, and all kinds of arts practitioners, be it curator, art critic, arts administrator, architect, designer, plant artist or chef, to join us in talking about network, action, diffusion and impact.

The year 2020 marks BCS’ 25th anniversary. Because of arts, we care about the environment, and believe in the importance of social connection. Along with countless talented creative artists, we facilitate exchanges between Taiwan and the world at our cultural space. Through continuously reaching out, we seek to build a close-knit community and expand its influence. 

The world is changing at a rapid pace; things that happen in the east are soon known in the west. It is indeed a world without borders. All the creatures on earth have always been interconnected, and no single creature can survive on its own. Each has to rely on other actors and provides support to one another, for the entire system to be built up. Unfortunately, we know too little, and far too often, our ignorance leads us to seed the seed of unknown, which constitutes a never-ending cycle. But luckily enough, despite numerous challenges faced, we are always able to rise up again, set our eyes on the future, and continue to march ahead.

Where do we see ourselves in the next 5 years, 10 years, or 25 years? And how will the world look like?

We firmly believe in arts’ power to change how we act and think. That said, qualitative assessment is still needed to prove its impact, and constant adjustment required for us to embark on the next journey.

We look forward to your entry.

To apply for BCS Creative Talent Program,
please follow the instruction below:

- Eligibility
1. We especially welcome applicants working in the area of cross discipline, ecology and environment, and community engagement projects.

2. BCS residency program is open to all professionally established visual artist, performing artist, curator, chef, gardener, architect, engineer  researcher and art manager, both individual and group.

3. All applicants must be able to communicate in English or Chinese.

4.  We also encourage both Taiwan and international creative as a team to submit the proposal.

- Duration of Residency
Selected artist may choose up to two month free residence space from May to June or Sep to Nov 2020.

- What We Provide
BCS will provide 2 months residency accommodation for free and NTD $30,000(tax excluded)as artist fee. Selected creative has to responsible for their travel and expense here.

- Application Period
available from now till 17th Nov (Sun)

How to Apply
Please read "BCS 2020 Creative Talents Open Call Guideline" thouroughly, and submit the application form .

*Please follow the instruction in the guideline. Incomplete application will not be put in consideration. Please DO NOT send any documents via email or post to BCS. We DO NOT return the physical documents if any have been delivered.

*If you have any other questions, please find us



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