Art as Social Interaction--Hong Kong/Taiwan Exchange | HK 10.17-11.23 KH 12.06-01.04

2014/10/17 - 2015/01/04  00:00 - 00:00
+886-2-2585-7600 Association of the Visual Arts in Taiwan

In recent years, artists and non-profit organizations in Taiwan and Hong Kong re-focused on the functions of art as a form of education and a way to enable viewers’ re-examination of their outlooks on life. These communities also actively engage in the discussion of issues such as civil awareness, community life, and cultural capital by launching various creative projects, coalitions, and calls to action.

“Art as Social Interaction: Hong Kong / Taiwan Exchange" expects to connect the two places and deepen the understanding of the influences and meaning of this particular art form in the specific social context of each community through exhibitions, workshops, and dialogs in forums.

Curator : Wu Mali
Co-curators: Chang Ching-Wen; Leung Mee Ping

Venues and opening hours
17 Oct – 23 Nov 2014,Mon-Sun 11:00-19:00
Koo Ming Kown Exhibition Gallery, Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University
(Communication and Visual Arts Building, Hong Kong Baptist University 5 Hereford Road, Kowloon Tong  Kowloon, Hong Kong)
1a Space
(Unit 14, Cattle Depot Artist Village, 63 Ma Tau Kok Road, To Kwa Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong)

6 Dec 2014- 4 Jan 2015,Mon-Thu 10:00-18:00; Fri-Sun 10:00-20:00
B7 Warehouse, The Pier-2 Art Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

5 Dec 2014 (Friday) 15:00
B7 Warehouse, The Pier-2 Art Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Art for Change
6-7 Dec 2014 (Saturday-Sunday)
B7 Warehouse, The Pier-2 Art Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
(Details to be announced on FB page)

Association of the Visual Arts in Taiwan, AVAT
kaitak, Centre for Research and Development, Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU

Bureau of Cultural Affairs Kaohsiung City Government
Graduate Institute of Interdisciplinary Art, National Kaohsiung Normal University

Community Museum Project
Cultural Diversity Studio
Bamboo Curtain Studio
Dong Jyu Community Development Association, Matsu
Colonized Warring Taiwan Society
Taipei Women’s Rescue Foundation
MaD (Make a Difference)

Sponsored/Subsidized by
National Culture and Arts Foundation, NCAF
Spring Foundation
F.C.H. Investment Corp.
Hong Kong Arts Development Council

Venue Sponsor
1a Space

Participating artists/organizations (HK):
MaD (Make a Difference)
Man Ching Ying, Phoebe
Vangi Fong
Community Museum Project
Ho Kwok Keung+Kelvin Wu+v-artivist
Scattered Camouflage (Li Xiao Hua+Cheung Tsz Hin+Cheung Yung+Chan Wing Sze+Yip Kin Bon+Lo Chi Kit+Sunday Lai)
Woofertening group & Kai Fong
Yeung Sau Churk
Chang Ping Hung, Wallace+Kai Tak River Green Corridor Community Education Project
Liang Kan Yee Woo, Evelyna

Participating artists/organizations (Taiwan):
Taiwan International Workers Association+ Susan Chen
Baunay Watan
Jam Wu
Nguyen Kim Hong
Julie Chou
HOOTIKOR- Lamamotis / ChekuChelagu
Lulu Shur-tzy Hou
Yao Jui-Chung + Lost Society Document (LSD)
Colonized Warring Taiwan Society
Huang Po-Chih
Black Hand Nakasi Worker’s Band
Yi-Mei Liao + Cultural Diversity Studio
Liu Kuo-Chang
Yannick Dauby+Wanshuen Tsai
Chang Yao Hsien / Golden Sugarcane Film Festival Association
Mali Wu+Bamboo Curtain Studio
Su Yu-Hsien
Kuan-Shu Educational Foundation

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