Resident artist: Electronic microscope and water testing workshop by Timbil the creative engineer | 4.26

2015/04/26  09:00 - 15:30
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工作坊簡介 About workshop


This one-day workshop is a collaboration project with Timbil, the creative chemical engineer Mr. Chen, 4th-5th grade science teacher. In the morning, Timbil will demonstrate to the students how to create the electronic microscope using webcam. Afterward, the students will test the water quality, collected from Plum Tree Creek - A trip to the Plum Tree Creek will be led by Bamboo Curtain Studio in the afternoon. The goal of this workshop is to demonstrate to the students how to apply science in their daily life; while raise environmental awareness.

藝術家簡介 About Artist

Agus Tri Budiarto (Timbil) is born in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He is a bio hacking enthusiast, backyard wine producer, cofounder of, and contributor at and initiate experimental food, space and laboratory Sewon FoodLab. Graduated from University of National Development Veteran (UPN-Veteran) majoring in chemical engineering. He has been active with local community practices of Yogyakarta since 2003, focusing his activities as a citizen scientist concerning local ecology issues and biopunk movements. One of his research is the use of owls as natural predators of pest rodents in rice farming in which collaborate with local farmers in the use of this technology, intended to reduce the use of chemical pesticides that are harmful to health and ecosystems, and gradually restore the habitat of the owl. He is the original co-creator of IB: SC, an art and science collaboration project on safe wince fermentation method with Microbiology Department UGM which receive the Transmediale awards in 2011.

時間與地點 Time and location

地點:竹圍工作室 Bamboo Curtain studio

工作坊內容 Content

時間 內容 備註
9:00-9:20 報到 Registration  
9:20-9:30 開場 Opening  
9:30-12:00 顯微鏡製作與植物測試
Microscope making, testing with the slide glass
12:00-13:30 午餐休息 Lunch and break 午餐自備 Please prepare child’s own lunch
13:30-15:30 帶著顯微鏡走訪樹梅坑溪,實地檢測與紀錄
Testing with microscope along the Plum Tree Creek. Try to record the ideas after using the device

名額 People

Welcome 4 to 6 grades students to sign up (open for 25 students).

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免費 For Free

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聯絡人contact:洪小姐 Sherry 0910341703

注意事項 Note

午餐自備 Please prepare child’s own lunch.

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