International Residency Exchange Program Artist Talk: Creating, Connecting, and Producing in a Foreign Residency | 12.27

2014/12/27  15:00 - 18:00

"Artist-in-Residency" is very common and popular overseas. Through different residency program, artist can experience different culture and custom. The residency experiences enrich the artist work and expand his/her vision and perspective. Through interaction with artists from different countries, it not only expand the visibility of the artist work, but at the same time, establish an international network and collaboration possibilities.

In recent years, Taiwan artists started to recognize the importance of Artist-in-Residency. Every year, Bamboo Curtain Studio and Taipei/Treasure Hill artist village exchange artists with quality international organizations. Both organizations seek out unique international collations that are beneficial to Taiwan Artist. The goal is to intensify artists’ international engagement and involvement through artist interaction during the residency period.

This talk is a collaboration event between Bamboo Curtain Studio and Taipei/Treasure Hill Artist Village. This talk invite exchange artists from both organization, come and share their international experience. The talk will cover topics in work development process, how to establish a local connection, how to overcome culture and language barrier, and etc. Artists will also be available to answer questions regarding his/her residency.

楊智富 Chih-Fu Yang

侯淑姿 Lulu Shur-tzy Hou / Japan / Koganecho
陳松志 Sung-Chih Chen / Goyang Art Studio
吳尚霖 Shang-Lin Wu / Silpakorn University
鄭惠文 Fiona ChengRuangrupa Art Lab
黃博志 Po-Chih Huang98B COLLABoratory
陳俊斌 Chun-Bin Chen / Colorado College, the Asian Studies Program
李曉雯 Catherine Lee / Dutch Culture / Trans Artist

Ministry of Culture: Arts Residency Network

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