Resident artist: Electronic microscope and water testing workshop by Timbil the creative engineer | 4.26

April 16, 2015

This one-day workshop is a collaboration project with Timbil, the creative chemical engineer Mr. Chen, 4th-5th grade science teacher. In the morning, Timbil will demonstrate to the students how to create the electronic microscope using webcam. Afterward, the students will test the water quality, collected from Plum Tree Creek - A trip to the Plum Tree Creek will be led by Bamboo Curtain Studio in the afternoon. The goal of this workshop is to demonstrate to the students how to apply science in their daily life; while raise environmental awareness.

Agus Tri Budiarto (Timbil)

April 04, 2015

Timbil is invite by the Bamboo Curtain Studio for a two months residency. During his residency, he works closely with local elementary and middle school science teacher and provides fun workshops for the students. He demonstrates “the Micam” that turn an inexpensive webcam into an electronic microscope that allows the students to study the microorganism of the Plum Tree Creek. For the middle school, he creates the fish caller workshop for students to test out on the Plum Tree Creek.

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