The First Issue of Plum Tree CreekNewsletter PUBLISHED

October 25, 2013

The first issue of Plum Tree CreekNewsletter was published on September 25th, 2013. A reception was held on the day to celebrate the debut print of the local newsletter.

Environmental Art + Ecology Workshop (Artificial Wetland) | A Documentation

September 23, 2013

9/14 was the first day of class. A presentation with theoretical contents, case examples, and images was made to introduce to the students the basic concept of artificial wetlands.

2013 Kinmen Art Festival: Floating Islands | 8.04-9.04

August 17, 2013

A part of the ShangHai Biennale: Zhongshan Park Project.

Taishin Arts Awards 11th Annual Visual Arts Award Winner: "Art as Environment—A Cultural Action at the Plum Tree Creek / WU Mali & Bamboo Curtain Studio"

May 12, 2013

Art as Environment -- A Cultural Action at the Plum Tree Creek has been nominated for and received the 11th Taishin Arts Awards as it demonstrates an outstanding example of the exploration of social issues.

“Plum Tree Creek Environmental Art Action Exhibition” | Finalist of the 11th Taishin Arts Award

April 15, 2013

Supported by the Taishin Bank Foundation for Arts and Culture, the Taiwan Contemporary Art Award’s “Taishin Arts Award” recently celebrated its eleventh year. The review committee selected fifteen finalists, including ten performing art works and five works by visual artists.

Green Map Workshop

April 15, 2013

The Green Map Workshop emphasizes personal visits to local community attractions and encourages participation in the drawing process.

Bamboo Curtain Studio seeking Project Intern

April 15, 2013

Bamboo Curtain Studio is seeking an Intern for the “Landscape between Art Veranda Project II.”

Plum Tree Creek Basin spring bird-watching trip

April 15, 2013

Early in the morning on February 23rd, the Taipei Wild Bird Federation bird-watching group led an exploration to view the conditions of birds in the Plum Tree Creek Basin.

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