Resident Artists

Sayun Simung

November 06, 2020

Sayun comes from Huanshan Sqoyaw Tayal Tribe. She used to be a reporter of TITV and Era News, and also worked as a marketing planner for documentary films at the International Department of PTS. Graduate from the Department of Radio and Television, National Taiwan University of Arts. Sayun returned to her hometown to make documentary in 2011. Millets Back Home is her first feature length documentary.

Pei Hsuan Wu

October 15, 2020

Pei-Hsuan Wu, Texture Printmaking Studio founder, The Graphic Art Society of The Republic of China member, Da Shu junior high school student club teacher. Printmaking is my main medium while I pick up the expertise in intaglio and lithography. My artworks tell the story of the contradiction of mental and physical states, the repetition and complexity of printmaking, and how the printing process has affected me.

Yu Chieh Lin

October 15, 2020

Born in Fengyuan, Taichung. Shortly stayed in Japan for 4 years. Now living in Kaohsiung.

Lafin Sawmah

December 02, 2019

Born in 1983, Lafin Sawmah belongs to the coastal area of Pangcha (Amis) Tribe,Taitung. Like many young indigenous people, Lafin was earning a living in Taipei city, but didn’t feel satisfied in the jobs he was working at. In 2009, Lafin had an urge of coming back to his hometown, Taitung, where he discovers the passion on creating arts and crafts. Specialized on woodworking, Lafin was assistance with a few indigenous artists before he works on solo.

Phạm Nguyễn Anh Tú

October 24, 2019

Phạm Nguyễn Anh Tú is an up and coming experimental video artist based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 

Reinaart Vanhoe

August 30, 2019

For the coming years I want to build up on my research named ‘Also-Space’. This I want to do by looking into art-practices in mainly the Benelux and South-East Asia. It is important not to give an exotic view on Southeast Asian art practice. It is better to find similarities in practices here in the Benelux and there.

Rebekah Anne Wilhelm

August 30, 2019

Rebekah Wilhelm is a professional artist and printmaker currently working in Cleveland Ohio.  She completed her Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Delaware and has her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Cleveland Institute of Art.  She spent a year teaching and developing her studio practice in Philadelphia and then moved back to Cleveland where she taught as an Adjunct Professor at the Cleveland Institute of Art, Tri-C Community College as well as at the University of Notre Dame.  Her work is heavily based in installation and print.  She has show

Patipat Chaiwitesh

August 30, 2019

I am working on the work of ART which based on designing and I am interested in contemporary culture. Being a hybrid mix of an artist and a product designer has triggered me to notice the changing of contemporary culture up to now. It has also encouraged me to question on the values, the new aesthetic feeling, and the objects surrounding me. Moreover, this form of art has introduced me to see things from different point of view in order to manage or utilize any available materials appropriately.

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