Panai Kusui

Share x Connect x Co-create – Bamboo Curtain Studio reaching 20

May 09, 2015

We have revisited the projects that BCS has undertaken in the past 20 years, and sorted them out into 4 categories to help the public understand our work: 1) alternative space, 2) art intervention, 3) art factory, and 4) artist residency. Each of these 4 categories may exist as an independent theme, but is at the same time inseparable from one another.

Panai Kusui

October 07, 2011

Panai is a self-taught singer-songwriter of the Puyuma and Amis tribes of southeastern Taiwan. She spent her childhood traveling with her family through the cities and countryside of Taiwan, following available employment, and her music reflects a life of wandering and yearning for home. Panai’s songs forge eclectic influences into a passionate style that has led many to call her the Tracy Chapman of Taiwan.

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