Pei-Ju Yeh

Share x Connect x Co-create – Bamboo Curtain Studio reaching 20

May 09, 2015

We have revisited the projects that BCS has undertaken in the past 20 years, and sorted them out into 4 categories to help the public understand our work: 1) alternative space, 2) art intervention, 3) art factory, and 4) artist residency. Each of these 4 categories may exist as an independent theme, but is at the same time inseparable from one another.

BCS 2014 Emerging Artist, Pei-Ju Yeh: Another Wonderland | 6.29-7.29

June 28, 2014

Bamboo Curtain Studio (BCS) proudly presents the 2014 Emerging Artist Pei-Ju Yeh’s solo exhibition “Another Wonderland.” This exhibition features two works created by the Artist during her two months residency at BCS. Each year, since 2009, BCS invites 4 to 5 young and talented artists from all over the world to lives and works at the studio. From June 29th to July 29th, Pei-Ju Yeh will exhibit her residency works in the glass room and on the sidewall of BCS.

19th Birthday of Bamboo Curtain Studio | 5.10

May 09, 2014

On this day we welcome the 19th year of Bamboo Curtain Studio. And we present the new works by our current artists-in-residence, I-Hsuen Chen, Pei-Ju Yeh, and Hidemi Tokutake. The three artists will demonstrate, in three very different ways, how they view Zhuwei, and how they see the world from local perspectives.

Pei-Ju Yeh

May 02, 2014

Pei-Ju Yeh has been dedicated to art education for years and create art works simultaneously. Her artistic philosophy is to let the time tell its stories. In her creation process, Yeh wants to reconstructs the urban images in her mind.

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