Outside the Box: BCS Artists Alex Nichols x Mushi

May 03, 2017

Alex NICHOLS and Mushi are the second group of international artists visiting BCS this year. Their two-week stay began on April 17 and saw the realization of several “Portable Studio” events, conducted at Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, Zhuwei Elementary School, and BCS Open Studio.


May 01, 2017

"It was an empowering residency that helped us really engage with community on a grander scale." said by Mushi after residency in BCS. MUSHI is an artist-anthropologist concerned with the ‘we’. Working with other artists he believes what is most critical in any creation of an idea or work is the capacity to work together and jointly. Collaboration is his medium, developing a space that allows him to move beyond the differences in our inherited conditions.

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