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December 7,2012


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BCS invites the TEC CEO Lectures in conjunction with the debut of the “Eleventh Artist Fair”

Bamboo Curtain Studio specially invites Ms. Mary Sherman, the CEO of the Transcultural Exchange, to Taiwan in cooperation with the “Eleventh Artist Fair” presented by the Visual Arts Alliance.

  Mary Sherman

Mary Sherman: A Dialogue with International Students

Mary Sherman is invited by Bamboo Curtain Studio interns Astrid and Julio to engage in a dialogue with their classmates in Guatemala. Mary will discuss how to establish an international exchange platform between artistic creation and cultural sharing that will enable them with the freedom of movement.

  Res Artis

Experiences of Bamboo Curtain Studio Res Artis Participants

Res Artis, an International Art Village Organization, held its annual meeting at Tokyo Wonder Site in Tokyo, Japan from October 26th to October 28th, 2012. The Taipei Artist Village, Bamboo Curtain Studio and Stock 20 participated on behalf of Taiwan.

  Puppets Alive!

Puppets Alive!

The Finger Players from Singapore will explain and demonstrate various traditional and modern puppets, including hand/string puppets, marionette puppets, rod puppets and mask puppets, as well as how to make puppets with everyday objects.

  The Finger Players

The Finger Players Exchange with Theater

They will also give a puppet demonstration tailored for Zhuwei in which the spectators will travel with the puppets to alleys, landmarks and monuments of various areas, visiting residents of Zhuwei and learning about Zhuwei’s identity.

  2012 City-to-City

2012 City-to-City Cultural Exchange Conference Taipei Annual Meeting

The City-to-City Cultural Exchange Conference annually brings together intellectuals, cultural policy makers, frontline cultural workers and scholars concerned with cultural development. The hope is that the idea of “culture” will become more meaningful and strong through shared experiences and the exchange of ideas among the cities.

  Charles Landry

International Consultant Charles Landry’s Proposes Strategies and Recommendations for Creative City Development

Bamboo Curtain Studio invited international “Creative Cities” consultant Charles Landry to Taipei in mid-October to conduct a large-scale public lecture on the significance of the creative city.

  Moving Art

“Moving Art” Artist-in-Residency Talk on Art and Society

Bamboo Curtain Studio has long been concerned with creative, cultural and social sustainability. It hopes to assist even more with concepts and aspiring creative professionals, using the action of art to contribute to society.


JIANDYIN Short Film Workshops: Children Enjoy Playing with Art

The “We Went to Taipei – Short Film Workshop” is in cooperation with October resident artist JIANDYIN and the TamKang Church “Little Sun After-School Tutoring Center.”

  The Outer Wall of the Coop

The Outer Wall of the Coop | Michael Ho’s work “Cosmic Universe”

The outer wall of Bamboo Curtain Studio’s coop stands near the community road where passing friends often stop. Panyu You covered the wall with a drawing of “Wise Old Horse” in 2009.

  Plum Tree Creek

Love ‧ Unity ‧ Strength, Plum Tree Creek Stall Attended!

Bamboo Curtain Studio took a group of young volunteers from the Hwa Hsia Institute of Technology to the Sanchung Stadium to participate in the “Love ‧ Unity ‧ Strength—2012 New Taipei City Community Empowerment Expo” organized by the New Taipei City Department of Cultural Affairs.


Mark Salvatus



Visual Arts | Philippines
His work specializes in day-to-day familiar objects, inadvertently coinciding with television media coverage of political events.


Alecia Neo



Visual Arts | Singapore
Bamboo Curtain Studio New Artist Program. In cooperation with the Eden Social Welfare Foundation, Alecia Neo’s residency focuses on the theme of “Open the Creative World of Visually Impaired.”


The Finger Players



Performing Arts | Singapore
The Finger Players is one of the major theater companies in Singapore. Their abundantly produced work has been awarded with the affirmation of both domestic and foreign media.


Liu Tien



Visual Arts | China
Mainly working in photography and video presentation, the theme of this residency in Tamsui discusses the area’s geography and attractions.



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