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The Petite Bamboo Salon: Residency Mobility- Forum Documentation

May 02, 2014

They held different views on AIR programs in general, and had gained much energy from their own residency experiences abroad. How did Open Contemporary Art Center, Taipei Artist Village, and artistsYu-An Liao, Yi-Hsin Tzeng see the process of Residency Mobility?

The Petite Bamboo Salon 2014: Artists talk part03 "Residency Mobility"

April 25, 2014

In the April “Petite Bamboo Salon”, our artists will share their inside stories about these residency programs; how these programs are formed and the affections on their lives and works.

The Little Bamboo Living Room 2013: Bamboo Curtain Studio & Shin Leh Yuan Art Space

August 11, 2013

Bamboo Curtain Studio and the SLY Art Space join together to invite domestic and international artists from a variety of arts residency programs in Taipei to share their experiences and projects with the public. A reflection on the overall support in the arts in Taiwan could be made through the international perspectives of art and culture in social, environmental, and financial contexts.

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