Lin Yen-Ju

Lin Yen-Ju

February 13, 2015

Lin Yen-Ju works with various mediums, including painting, video, mixed media, installation, seeking compensation for existence and memory through different forms; her works often embody a historical sense of the contemporary. Lin was elected among the 2015 Bamboo Curtain Studio's New Emerging Artists with <Stream may pillow, stone can rinse>, a project that throws the artist deep into the natural surrounding of Zhuwei.

BCS “2015 Creative Talents Residency Program” Result Announcement

January 16, 2015

Bamboo Curtain Studio (BCS) “2015 Creative Talents Residency Program” awards 4 artist: Chiu Chih-Hua (Taiwan), Lin Yen-Ju (Taiwan), Macarena Yanez (Chile) and Michelle Rosenberg (Great Britain). Each artist is award 2 months free living or exhibition space at Bamboo Curtain Studio.

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