Ria Rajan

April 22, 2019

Ria Rajan was born in 1985, she is a visual Artist, Designer, and Illustrator. She was the Design Lead in Brainwave Magazin and now works as an independent artist and designer in RRAD.IN. Her work spans across mediums both analog and digital, including drawing, painting, image making, sculptural explorations and interventions in spaces.

Irene Joy Bawer-Bimuyag

March 30, 2016

This year (2016), Irene is invited by Hakka TV (Taiwan), and will have her residency in Bamboo Curtain Studio in March and April. As her field and focusing, she would love to explore traditional textile culture, traditional music and dance, and traditional Hakka dwelling and old Taiwan community, etc, in Taiwan, as a collaboration or do cultural exchanges.

Taipei: A City Of Ambition

May 07, 2015


Talented Taipei & The Creative Imperative

May 06, 2015

(如欲利用本書全部或部分內容者,需徵求著作權人同意或書面授權,請逕洽臺北市都市更新處更新企劃科。電話:02-2321-5696 轉2928)

A Creativity Platform: Harnessing the collective imagination of Taipei

May 06, 2015

如欲利用本書全部或部分內容者,需徵求著作權人同意或書面授權,請逕洽臺北市都市更新處更新企劃科。電話:02-2321-5696 轉2928

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