19th Birthday of Bamboo Curtain Studio | 5.10

2014/05/10  11:00 - 17:00

May, 10th, 2014: Celebrate the 19th Birthday of Bamboo Curtain Studio.

On this day we welcome the 19th year of Bamboo Curtain Studio. And we present the new works by our current artists-in-residence, I-Hsuen Chen, Pei-Ju Yeh, and Hidemi Tokutake. The three artists will demonstrate, in three very different ways, how they view Zhuwei, and how they see the world from local perspectives.

Beginning from 11 am, there will be a reflection on the development of BSC, followed by walks around the nearby riverbank. In the afternoon, there will be tour and opening receptions for the three resident artists’ shows. We invite you to come and celebrate our new beginning with us!

11:00 BSC Reflection
13:00 Walk around the Plum Tree Creek
14:00 Hidemi Tokutake Show Opens
14:30 I-Hsuen Chen Show Opens with Artist Talk
16:00 Pei-Ju Yeh On-Site Performance/Work-in-Progress

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