Chou Chien-Pang

Chou Chien-Pang

March 08, 2015

Chou attempts to examine the problems that a metropolitan lifestyle lead- heavy load of works, distance in our relationships. Therefore, He used his free time to teach children drawing and share his passion for art. He searches the possibilities in humanity and hopes people will reconnect with each other through art; so the multitude will not suffer from alienation!

Exchange residency: Bamboo Curtain Studio and Sàn Art (Vietnam)

June 30, 2014

Bamboo Curtain Studio and San Art have partnered up for another year in a residency exchange program. 2013 saw artist Lena Bui travel to Taiwan (read her story here); this year, San Art Laboratory welcomes artist Chou Chien-Pang from Taiwan in Ho Chi Minh City for a 4-week residency in July.

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