Community Art

Cut And Rescue

July 13, 2018

Cut and Rescue is a Jakarta based art collective, it has no boundaries in the case of sharing, researching, developing and working the ideas. Cut and Rescue works across mediums, from a collage of images and text, sound and video pieces, as well as experimental and performative action. The name of the group that can be simply defined as a cut and save, Cut and Rescue retrieve, copy, and save cultural artifacts intertwined around the community, which had been considered banal and low, such as newspapers headlines.

Suthidee Piyayothin (Best)

May 13, 2017

Suthidee Piyayothin or Best, enjoys to engage her artwork interact with people, because she loves to make fun with her messy ideas. In the same way, she thinks behind her artwork that it should be educative tool.

BCS × Art Bus × Community

February 26, 2017

BCS invited artist CHOU Chien-Pang and his project, Art Bus—a traveling van with artists, artworks, and creative ideas as passengers—to join the local farmer’s market. The inside of the van served as an exhibition space, and the exterior a canvas for doodling and writing messages. CHOU’s stories and experiences traveling in Taiwan and other countries came into life via the presence and presentation of Art Bus.

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