2018年6月10日 10:00~6月30日 18:00


6月10日 樹梅坑溪週末小旅行(第三場)

2018年6月10日 09:00~6月10日 12:00


6月1日 嘉義新港社區【一體兩面,來掃街!】

由 竹圍工作室 主辦、廢青不廢、零廢玩樂療育所、舞蹈生態系創意團隊、新港文教基金會、嘉義縣新港鄉古民國民小學 協辦
2018年6月1日 08:00~6月1日 09:30



2017 Plum Tree Creek Hiking #1 

The first Plum Tree Creek Hiking event of 2017 invites participants to learn about the local creek, the history of the Zhuwei area, and BCS’s pr

BCS × Art Bus × Community

BCS invited artist CHOU Chien-Pang and his project, Art Bus—a traveling van with artists, artworks, and creative ideas as passengers—to jo

Tadashi NOHARA in BCS

Japanese artist/director Tadashi NOHARA conducted two workshops during his residency at BCS. Amateur actors from diverse backgrounds were instructed t

KIM Yeonjeong in Taiwan

Korean artist Kim Yeonjeong is selected as the resident artist for Iksan Creation Center (Korea) and BCS’s joint International Residency Exchang

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