永續藝術的合創與想像 Collaboration and Imagination in Arts & Sustainability|Francis Sollano & Lua Rivera 系列個展

竹圍工作室一直以來在思考身為藝術創作者與非營利藝術組織在氣候變遷、環境永續等議題上能夠擔任什麼樣的角色,又具有何種社會責任?對於工作室而言,「永續藝術(Arts & Sustainability)」不單是一個鼓勵減少消耗的代名詞,也囊括了更深層的思考。
2017年10月11日 10:00~12月17日 17:00



Delegates Gather to Discuss Future of Cambodian Arts

Some 100 delegates from 20 countries gathered in Phnom Penh this week to discuss the role and future of the arts in the region.

Interview with CFCCA Director Zoe Dunbar and Associate Curator Lu Pei-yi, Micro Micro Revolution

The Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA) opens its gallery to environmentally and socially concerned artists in its latest exhibition, Micro Mi

Lemon trees and sustainable oceans: Taiwan’s ecological art revolution

From 3 July to 6 September 2015 the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA) in Manchester, England, is presenting “Micro Micro Revolution

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