永續意識的養成遊戲 The Nourishing Game of Sustainability Awareness 工作坊

當一個人或者機構討論永續,需要關注的不僅是環境,而是意識到其本身的核心理念、專業性及所扮演的角色,都影響著永續的可能。 When a person or an institution has a subject matter of sustainability, the environment shouldn’t be the only focus. The awareness within its concept including the core belief, the
2018年5月2日 13:00~5月4日 17:30


永續藝術國際合創論壇 International Conference of Sustainable Art

「從來不改變心意的人,永遠無法改變任何事情。」 “Man that never change thy heart can never change a thing.
2018年5月6日 14:00~5月6日 18:00

華山1914文創園區 中3清酒工坊 2F-拱廳 


2018年5月13日 09:00~5月13日 12:00



Delegates Gather to Discuss Future of Cambodian Arts

Some 100 delegates from 20 countries gathered in Phnom Penh this week to discuss the role and future of the arts in the region.

Interview with CFCCA Director Zoe Dunbar and Associate Curator Lu Pei-yi, Micro Micro Revolution

The Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA) opens its gallery to environmentally and socially concerned artists in its latest exhibition, Micro Mi

Lemon trees and sustainable oceans: Taiwan’s ecological art revolution

From 3 July to 6 September 2015 the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA) in Manchester, England, is presenting “Micro Micro Revolution

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