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BCS Autumn Open Day:Consciousness of Landscape
Art as action for ecology movement: Case studies of Bamboo Curtain Studio


藝織獨綉 黃千倫刺繡工作坊

刺繡為一門擁有悠長歷史的傳統工藝,它穿越了國家地理的限制, 在不同地區形成了獨有的樣貌與意義,往往代表了當時代人類社會 的某些生活樣貌;同時也可能跨越了階級,產生不同的刺繡內容與 技法風格。 將刺繡及編織與日常家庭物件結合,完成一件獨一無二的個人藝術 品,不僅能讓參與者體驗針線之美,也能作為初探藝術創作的起點。
2019年4月27日 00:00~5月4日 17:00



Delegates Gather to Discuss Future of Cambodian Arts

Some 100 delegates from 20 countries gathered in Phnom Penh this week to discuss the role and future of the arts in the region.

Interview with CFCCA Director Zoe Dunbar and Associate Curator Lu Pei-yi, Micro Micro Revolution

The Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA) opens its gallery to environmentally and socially concerned artists in its latest exhibition, Micro Mi

Lemon trees and sustainable oceans: Taiwan’s ecological art revolution

From 3 July to 6 September 2015 the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA) in Manchester, England, is presenting “Micro Micro Revolution

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