永續意識的養成遊戲 The Nourishing Game of Sustainability Awareness 工作坊

當一個人或者機構討論永續,需要關注的不僅是環境,而是意識到其本身的核心理念、專業性及所扮演的角色,都影響著永續的可能。 When a person or an institution has a subject matter of sustainability, the environment shouldn’t be the only focus. The awareness within its concept including the core belief, the
2018年5月2日 13:00~5月4日 17:30


聰明的消費 Wise Consumption?

2018年3月24日 14:00~3月24日 15:30



2018年3月11日 08:20~3月11日 12:00



Art Trails: BCS as an Archaeological Site IV

BCS is like a dreamland in which art can be found anywhere. Upon entering the main gate of the studio, one may discover an installation by artist WU Y

Outside the Box: BCS Artists Alex Nichols x Mushi

Alex NICHOLS and Mushi are the second group of international artists visiting BCS this year. Their two-week stay began on April 17 and saw the realiza

Art Trails: BCS as an Archaeological Site III

Every artist visiting BCS is invited to leave a personal cup at My Cup as a gesture for homey comfort. Not only does the space resemble a family dinin

Art Trails: BCS as an Archaeological Site II

“Are those the Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove?” That's right—the artist himself, the 4 BCS onsite dogs (A-Won, Niu-Niu, Ann-Ann

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