In Art We Trust We Trust in Art 竹圍工作室二十五週年

In Art We Trust We Trust in Art 竹圍工作室二十五週年

In Art We Trust We Trust in Art 竹圍工作室二十五週年






In Art We Trust
We Trust In Art


2020 - Looking Toward Bamboo Curtain Studio's 25th Anniversary!

In 1995, we transformed an abandoned chicken coop into a convergent place of change, a place that we formed into the Bamboo Curtain Studio. We incubated an embracing spirit of innovation from the marginality of geography and character. From alternative power and trailblazers of avant-garde art, we became a powerful aid accompanying creative artists, simultaneously weaving international connections and local movements, promoting both socio-environmental and cultural change.

We're an interdisciplinary, multinational cultural and art exchange platform that actively engages in discussions on public issues, promotes a variety of projects and activities such as various creative works, performances, experimental research, community development, and art education. We put into practice grassroots-level activism and a spirit of innovation, ceaselessly exploring strategies through which artistic communities and society achieve value co-creation, on the firm belief that arts delivers social values and has the power to spark change.

In celebrating our 25th birthday, Bamboo Curtain Studio wants to put the focus on itself by looking back at its milestones, and pool together various voices to explore the initiatives and guidelines for the present and future. We've identified five main issues that intersect with the arts – Sustainable Environment, Social Practice, Talent Cultivation, Institutional Development, and International Exchange. Through an exciting program of activities including literature review, case studies, interdisciplinary exchange workshops, annual forums, e-book and physical publishing, we are ready to embrace the robust years ahead of us!

This isn't just a hallmark of the Bamboo Curtain Studio, but the voice of arts practitioners and an independent artists' space, that, after a quarter of a century, is looking towards the future.

In Art We Trust
We Trust In Art

We fervently believe that the value of arts doesn't just stop with arts itself.
We deeply believe that joint actions taken to lead change will definitely make an impact.
We invite you to come set off a butterfly effect with us!