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Lab Tanya

September 05, 2017

Lab Tanya are interested in exploring, discovering, collecting various everyday practices in the community of citizens, which could be the prospect and guidance of achieving a sustainable future. Combine research, experimentation and imagination methods to trigger and generate knowledge.

2017 Plum Tree Creek Hiking #1 

February 26, 2017

The first Plum Tree Creek Hiking event of 2017 invites participants to learn about the local creek, the history of the Zhuwei area, and BCS’s project “Art as Environment - Plum Tree Creek.” Local plants and wildlife will be introduced to allow a more comprehensive understanding of the surrounding ecosystem.

Water and Land: International Projects on Environmental Arts

October 15, 2016

This Publication introduces our exhibition "Water and Land:International Projects on Environmental Arts".

Luke Ramsay

November 18, 2015

Luke Ramsay is an environmental scientist and low carbon energy assessor. He’s worked within the arts for the past four years – as Environmental Sustainability Manager at London-based Julie's Bicycle - helping organisations understand and reduce their environmental impacts.

Yasmine Ostendorf

November 05, 2015

At Bamboo Curtain Studio she hopes to continue this research for Taiwan: make a mapping of the most pioneering art initiatives engaging with environmental issues and to make an analysis of the needs and wishes from the artists, artsmanagers, policymakers and educators. The ultimate mission is to work with Bamboo Curtain Studio on bringing a valuable, open, sustainable, ambitious, artistic and transparent Green Art Lab Alliance Asia to life.

Green Boat

October 01, 2015


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