Film Making


May 01, 2017

MUSHI is an artist-anthropologist concerned with the ‘we’. Working with other artists he believes what is most critical in any creation of an idea or work is the capacity to work together and jointly. Collaboration is his medium, developing a space that allows him to move beyond the differences in our inherited conditions.

Tadashi NOHARA in BCS

February 26, 2017

Japanese artist/director Tadashi NOHARA conducted two workshops during his residency at BCS. Amateur actors from diverse backgrounds were instructed to interview and engage in intimate conversations with each other. These individuals learned about each other’s childhood memories and values, and were able to understand one another through in-depth interactions. Footages collected from the workshops are materials to NOHARA’s film, screening at the rough-cut preview at BCS on 02. 25. 2017. The film looks at the different ways men and women interpret mundane events in daily lives, and has no established script. Actors were provided with mere background descriptions of the roles he or she would be playing, and were advised to improvise freely. The artist hopes that, by connecting with the sense of the everyday in the film, the audience would be able to develop their own perspectives on life.

野原位 Tadashi Nohara

January 16, 2017

Born 1983 in Tochigi, Japan. Graduated Meiji Univ. faculty of Science and Engineering. Entered the Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo Univ. of the Arts in 2007, and studied under Kiyoshi Kurosawa. Directed the film “Kyoko” starring Shinobu Terajima, which is a part of the omnibus film ”LUSH LIFE”(2009) based on Kotaro Isaka’s novel. As his graduation work, he directed the film “Elephant Love ”(2009) starring Issei Ishida.