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Rebekah Anne Wilhelm

August 30, 2019

Rebekah Wilhelm is a professional artist and printmaker currently working in Cleveland Ohio.  She completed her Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Delaware and has her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Cleveland Institute of Art.  She spent a year teaching and developing her studio practice in Philadelphia and then moved back to Cleveland where she taught as an Adjunct Professor at the Cleveland Institute of Art, Tri-C Community College as well as at the University of Notre Dame.  Her work is heavily based in installation and print.  She has show

Sajata Epps aka(SajaTa-E)

October 03, 2018

Sajata Epps aka (SAJATA-E) is a clothing and textile artist using plant dye as her main source of color application. She lives in the South Bronx, NYC where she develops farm spaces for her community members to utilize for arts programming and free produce production. Sajata believes that sustainability is a full life style shift that doesn't just end at smarter art practices. As a zero waste advocate Sajata-E grows her own food as well as her own plant dyes in order to control the amount of waste she produces in her art practice as well as her life.

Mike Lombardy

August 28, 2018

Michael Lombardy is Visual Artist born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, USA with a multi disciplinary practice primarily combining site specific installation, works on paper, and upcycled clothing. He has a BFA in Printmaking from The Cleveland Institute of Art (2015) where he received the Frank N. Wilcox Award for Excellence in Printmaking.

陳暢 Abby Chen

September 29, 2017

Abby Chen is the Artistic Director and Curator at Chinese Culture Center and Foundation of San Francisco. Among the more than 50 exhibitions and programs curated by Abby at CCF and other institutions in both the U.S. and Asia have been important surveys in contemporary art and issues relevant to Chinese people and the world at large.

Erin Adair

September 02, 2017

不明物件Erin Adair grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, and completed a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry at Oberlin College in 2014. She currently works as a math and science tutor at Lorain County Community College in Ohio.

Ellie Irons

June 05, 2017

Ellie Irons is an artist and educator based in Brooklyn, New York, USA. She works in a variety of media, from walks to WIFI, to reveal how human and nonhuman lives intertwine with other earth systems.

Keiko Uenishi 上西啟子

May 13, 2017

Currently splitting time between Brooklyn, New York and Vienna, Austria, sound art-i-vist, socio/environ composer, and a core member of SHARE.nyc (http://share.dj/share) since 2001, Keiko Uenishi is known for her works formed through experiments in restructuring and analyzing one's relationship with sounds in sociological, cultural, and/or psychological environments.

Alex Nichols

May 01, 2017

ALEX NICHOLS is a multi-disciplinary artist and writer involved in Critical Contact Art. Art that explores identity, connection and communication through the bodies experience. The question at the core of Alex's work is how the body can become the place of active resistance.

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