Cheng Jen-Pei

June 06, 2019

Born in 1983 in Kaohsiung lives in Taipei, Chen Jen Pei had residency in France, Vietnam and the Philippines for food research and art works. The statement is about food how to be expressed in history and culture, as well as to explore the local conditions and customs of their own cultural differences. The summer of 2014 began a long-term project with strangers in Paris focusing on the relationship between food culture and memory.

Kang Jeauk

November 21, 2018

Kang, Jeauk, is a curator and artist who mainly works in Seoul and Suwon in South Korea. He is a founder/director of the Suwon International Photo Festival(Suwonphoto) and the art and disaster project. He is very interested in using art outside of the art category and changing society. He wants to turn the old city of Suwon into a culture and art village through Suwonphoto. By doing so, Suwon and Asia want to meet and communicate with each other. As a photographer, he has spent more than 10 years on the scene of climate change and in disaster areas.

劉致宏 Chihhung Liu

July 13, 2018

Chihhung Liu, born in Hsinchu (Taiwan) in 1985. He graduated from M.F.A Program, Department of Fine Arts at Taipei National University of the Arts. He is a freelancer/artist who lives and works in Taipei currently. Recent paintings embody his understanding of life and his personal experiences. His approach to narration and interpretation from a mundane perspective allows him to tightly interlock emotions and

Alex Nichols

May 01, 2017

ALEX NICHOLS is a multi-disciplinary artist and writer involved in Critical Contact Art. Art that explores identity, connection and communication through the bodies experience. The question at the core of Alex's work is how the body can become the place of active resistance.

Gatari Surya Kusuma

August 20, 2016

She just graduated from Indonesian Institute of Art, majored in Photography. She is also part of working team in KUNCI Cultural Studies Center and MES 56. She is interested on how visual can works in social research and food as a part of the social issues. She believes that food can be not only as a food. Food can be a door to open the bigger issues. Gatari Surya Kusumar is invited to be Bamboo Curtain Studio International Residency Exchange Program artist collaborating with Bumu Pemuda Rahayu in Indonesia.

I-Hsuen Chen

March 28, 2014

I-Hsuen Chen is a young up rising Taiwanese artist, during his residency at Bamboo Curtain Studio, he plans to continue the project of “Still Life Taiwan”, an extension of “Nowhere in Taiwan”. Through camera lenses, I-Hsuen will making a garbage documentary, to observe and ponder about the culture development and improvement in Taiwan.

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