Candy Bird

July 27, 2017

Candy Bird is the selected artist of Bamboo Curtain Studio “2017 International Residency Exchange Program” collaborating with Koganecho Area Management Center in Yokohama, Japan. Candy Bird will be staying in Koganecho for two month from 27th July to 27th September, and participating in the 2017 Koganecho Bazaar – “Double Façade”.

郭佩奇 Pei-chi, Kuo

February 10, 2017

Pei-Chi, Kuo's creations open themselves to all kinds of materials, which are inspired from experiencing atmosphere of the environments, and the relationship of paradox and powers in people. In 2017, Pei-Chi, Kuo, trough the recommendation from Bamboo Studio, was invited to Khon Kaen University in participation of “Art No Wall” program.

騆瑜 Jhou Yu

February 08, 2017

I release myself in repeated performance, by self-archiving, through the becoming of the archives, repeat and hyperplasia of symbol, trying to do translation to the necessary stimulation of life. To do something to shape a kind of withdrawal meaning, deconstruction the origin of the meaning in the process of diffusion, the meaning generate, escape, random, messy, weaving conversion and disappear, in the vicinity of infinite extreme state to escape from the control of the meaning system.

劉星佑 Sing-You Liou

November 01, 2016

Liou tries to bring new perception to ancient painting works, and is now moving his way toward curation and art critics. Being selected by Bamboo curtain studio “Creative Talents Program”, Han Sheng will stay at bamboo curtain studio for two months since November.

陳漢聲 Han Sheng Chen

November 01, 2016

Han Sheng Chen is familiar with experimental animation, mixed media and kinetic installation. From his identity and the background of agriculture, he reached out to focus on the tension between human and nature. Elements of plant, memory, farmland, factories…etc. are often seen in his works.Recently put the focus on gender equality, and co-founded the exhibition project Coexist, trying to open more conversation by the means of creation, art, and exhibition space.

彭譯毅 Peng I-I

November 01, 2016

Peng I-I is the artist recommended by Bamboo Curtain Studio for a one-month residency at Red Gate Gallery in Beijing, China. Peng I-I is a mixed media artist. In recent years, Peng I-I focus on materials from old days, especially in today, “efficiency” will be the first priority in the future when making things. 

廖以歆 Liao I-Chin

September 05, 2016

I-Chin Liao was raised in Taipei, living in Hsinchu, Taiwan. In 2013 she had graduated in M.F.A from Academy of art university, San Francisco. Now she is focusing on abstract painting. IChin would like to expand the form of artwork from her used painting in the residency in Mite-Ugro, Korea. “60 Encounters”, is a poetic idea of recording everyday life in unfamiliar surroundings through collecting objects and incidents during the two month residency, which includes found objects, sculpture, painting, photography and video.

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