June 08, 2018

About TAIING Studio This is a workshop formed by three drawing addicts with spatial design background. We hope to reach out and discuss the characteristics of Taiwan Cities through our creation. TAIING Studio is selected as one of the residency groups of Bamboo Curtain Studio "2018 Creative Talents Program". The residency period is from the 16th of June to the 15th of July.    TAIING Members

魏欣妍 Wei Hsinyen

October 08, 2017

Wei Hsinyen is a Taiwanese artist working in photography, video and performance. Her work explores intimacy through various social, sensory and cultural implications.

陳御辰 Chen Yu-Chen

September 25, 2017

With the judgments of mine, the first one will notice the eyes in the whole process. For me, I hope to respond the frustration in social relationships with the eyes contact. And how to create the abstract and fathom one into an object or interpret, is important to me on the whole creations.

陳沛妤 Pei Yu Chen (Doris)

September 13, 2017

Pei Yu Chen (Doris) is graduated from Tainan National University of The Arts. The thesis is combine of digital art and performing arts has become a new vocabulary of contemporary digital art and theater performances. Focus on the theme of video art, film art, cross-cultural art, digital art, animal and plant art, spirituality and nature.

洪芷寧 HONG Tze-Ning

September 07, 2017

Based in Taipei, Tze-ning experienced and learned from arts programs, independent publications, and local engagements in various ways and places. While the main focus is on the encounter between individuals from differ background and their visual experiences, via arts and cultural practices.

Cia Hsinyuan Lee

August 14, 2017

Cia Hsinyuan Lee is an contemporary artist and also an educator. She currently lives in Shin Ying District in northern Tainan. Her creation started with fragments of her childhood memory. The main object of her creation have been extended to the illustrations in the Chinese version of Western storybooks.

Pei-Hsuan Wang

August 01, 2017

Pei-Hsuan Wang was born in Hsinchu City, Taiwan. Her practices reflect on the intricate ties between private experiences and the outside world in the face of globalization, and furthermore explore the nuanced relationship between transborder cultural, personal, and geographical identification through installation and object-making.

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